What is WOLAS Revolution?

WOLAS Revolution is a cutting edge user-friendly learning assessment and student management platform designed specifically for Registered Training Organisations.

It is designed to be remarkably flexible in allowing students, trainers and, employers 24-hour access with 100% support.
This unique digital platform can host a variety of learning materials from basic text through to full video and customised assessments. As a trainer or an employer you have the capability to track, monitor, and create reports on a student individually or in a group.
WOLAS Revolution truly is revolutionising how RTOs operate in the 21st Century.

WOLAS Revolution in action.

Content Offering

We produce e-learning content for Automotive, Hospitality, Business, Aged Care, and Media.

Content Features


At WOLAS we have a talented team of industry experts, content developers, and code writers dedicated to the production to learning content and development.

Content Features


Our e-learning content is 100% mobile compatible on all tablets and smartphones which means your students can get access anywhere, anytime.

Content Features


WOLAS Revolution has been years in the making and we are continually updating our library of resources to meet industry needs and evolution.

Some examples of our learning guides

Stay safe by following step-by-step instructions on setting up Oxy-Acetylene Equipment.

A great cake is made from a great batter. Find out how you can improve your batter.

Colour is a key part of media. Here are some of the ways designers choose colours.

Add complex flavours to a dish with style! Discover the magic of flambé!

Some of the oldest recipes are for breads. Find out about the ancient history of baked foods.

Chocolate is one of our favourite dessert staples, but where does it come from?

Giving feedback is an art. Find out how good feedback can improve your workplace.

Did you know there are different welds for different purposes? Learn more about them here.

What makes us different?

WOLAS Revolution has worked in close consultation with several leading national RTOs, ensuring that this digital platform is able to offer the most current and industry-compliant resource we believe available to the market today.
If you're an RTO, you'll understand what that means and why
WOLAS Revolution is different.



Sales & Prospect Tracker

Our sales system allows for management of prospective clients who walk in the door.
This system facilitates the generation of a service level agreement that can be dispatched to the customer directly.
Once a customer has dotted the t's and crossed the i's, our system handles the transition of the prospect into a customer.
If you choose to use e-signature (see below), you can automate this process.

Customer Management

Manage all of your students.
Manage your students personal information.
Maintain a full audit trail of your students communication for compliance.

Training & Assessment

With a completely paperless workflow, allow trainers to Conduct Assessment online with the use of customisable assessments that support a large amount of assessment methodologies.
Assessments can be mapped directly to trainer.gov guidelines, and are version controlled. Perfect for compliance.
Allow your trainers to easily manage all of their students with our tailor made trainer dashboard.
Allow trainers to manage their appointments online. Trainers can choose to have these sync with their mobiles. If the system uses the SMS system, WOLAS can even remind your students when it gets close to their next appointment.


Maintain a complete digital audit trail of all occurrences in a students time with your business.
Run detailed reports on every aspect of your business.
Generate Interim statements, Statements of attainments and Certificates inside the system for each student.


For more information, or if you are interested in a live demonstration of WOLAS Revolution, please contact us!


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